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Over the past few months, I have been studying different yoga practices through online programs to help me bring you better yoga videos. I'm currently enrolled in 4 different programs; one on Anatomy specific to yoga poses, one on restorative yoga, one on yin yoga and one specific to developing a meditation practice. Expect to see a few videos targeting these practices in the future.

I truly believe that a consistent yoga practice will help with physical, mental, or emotional difficulties. The biggest obstacle for most people not having a consistent practice is getting to a studio or finding the right teacher in order to start their yoga journey. Especially when living overseas, where there might not be any yoga classes to attend, I can relate to these obstacles.

That is why I am here on my mat bringing you these videos each week, so you can practice yoga whenever and wherever you have time. There will be something just right for you on your yoga journey: beginner basics, pose variations, continuing strength and flexibility, and new challenges when your body and mind are ready.

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