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I truly believe that consistent yoga practice will help with physical, mental, or emotional difficulties. The biggest obstacle for most people developing a consistent practice is getting to a studio or finding the right teacher to start their yoga journey. I can relate to these obstacles, especially when living overseas, where there might not be any yoga classes to attend.

That is why I am here on my mat bringing you these videos each week, so you can practice yoga whenever and wherever you have time. There will be something just right for you on your yoga journey: beginner basics, pose variations, continuing strength and flexibility, and new challenges when your body and mind are ready. Click here for my latest newsletter.

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I’ve been practicing yoga with Audrey for about five years. She helped me most in experimenting and finding the version that best suits my own needs.
Honestly, I appreciate the human being in her. I feel that she is genuinely interested in helping others.

— Mohannad L., Lebanon

One of the many qualities that brings me back to Audrey’s classes year after year is that she continues her own study of yoga, broadening her knowledge, refining and diversifying the content, with explorations into restorative and yin, breath work and meditation, complementing her hatha expertise, and her easy and open way of relating to participants at all levels.

— Eric M., United States

Audrey is a highly professional yoga teacher, with a great sense of humor who injects playfulness into her classes. She shows compassion and understanding to her students while being able to guide them into and through poses at the level and intensity of individual needs, encouraging students to challenge themselves without ever pushing.

— Joyce P., Australia

I have had some classes before, but never so professional like this one.

— Nurah A., Spain

Exceptionally clear, detailed instructions throughout the whole session. Variations and Versatility of the practice. The positive energy emanating and received even though the class was virtual.

— Julie K., United Kingdom

Audrey has an elegant and clear way of delivering a yoga class, offering options for beginners as well as for those more experienced in the practice. Audrey breaks down what can appear to be a challenging practice or pose into something manageable and exciting for anyone who aspires to learn yoga.

— Nathalie B., Jordan

The best part of Audrey’s class is the way she describes the poses and describes the way your muscles should feel when you are in the poses.

— Cristiana J., United States

A knowledgeable and skilled teacher who leads her classes in a encouraging and enthusiastic manner. Her sequences are safe, fluent, and varied but also offer differentiated levels of difficulty. I leave class feeling like I had a good physical workout, yet I am emotionally at peace.

— Lisa C., Canada