All Level

These videos will provide opportunities for practitioners in beginner levels to advance their practice as expands, yet still have optional challenges for those with developed and regular practice. Designed for those looking for a steady but challenging class.

Is your low back feeling uncomfortable? This targeted flow will help strengthen as well as release the tight muscles that create low back tension and pain. I practice many of these exact stretches daily to help maintain my low back strength and flexibility. Use your breath and listen to your body as you practice this flow allowing yourself to use whatever props needed to help you build consistency with this practice. Enjoy the flow.

Ready to find the power in your legs to help advance your practice? In this sequence expect a lot of repeated leg work to find the engagement needed to allow for the combination of strength and length in the lower half of your body. All props are encouraged; blocks, chairs, and walls to allow for good alignment and length of the spine in all poses today. Enjoy your powerful journey!

Need an energizing boost to get on with your day after sitting still too long? This is just the sequence to give your joints and muscles a surge of new blood flow. Lots of feel-good stretches to help you face your day ahead. Enjoy your movement journey!

Looking to increase the range of motion in major joints of your body? The hips, shoulders, knees, and spine will feel much more open and mobile after this all-level flow. This sequence is designed for all levels of ability in yoga but it does move a bit faster than a beginner class. Stay with your breath and your range of motion to feel your best at the end of the class. Enjoy your journey to more mobility!

Ready to unwind from your day and prepare to relax? This sequence will help you do just that by building some heat, moving the body in all directions to help release any built-up tension in the muscles and ends with full relaxation in Savasana. Let go, release, and relax as you enjoy your journey!

Need a little mood lift? This sequence is perfect to help you feel more confident, mentally and physically with challenging balances and heart-opening poses. Get ready to feel good. Enjoy your journey!

Ever feel like you need a little extra help to get you out of bed in the morning? Maybe you switched up your routine, maybe you went to bed later than normal, maybe you are just tired but have to get up and on with your day. This sequence will help your body and mind wake up while still in the comfort of your bed if you prefer. Breathe and stretch out the right areas to have you feeling good and ready to face the day ahead. Enjoy your morning journey!

Ready for something new from Audrey's Yoga? I've been inspired to help those that cannot move easily up and down from the floor to enjoy the benefits of yoga with the assistance of a chair. I have been studying and practicing with some inspiring instructors online (Matt Phippen and @accessibleyoga) to come up with this sequence today as well as the series to come. Enjoy your journey!

Do you want to increase the mobility of your hips, spine, and shoulders? This video sequence will allow you to do just that while sitting in your chair. Remember to use your breath and be mindful of your movements so that you do not go too deep too fast and hinder your efforts. This is a sequence that you can come back and practice two to three times a week in order to increase your strength and mobility. Enjoy your journey!

Are you like me and have a love/dread relationship with any core work? You know it is good for your overall health and you love the improvements in your yoga practice from a strong core but knowing the soreness of doing the exercises fills you with dread. I have compiled a few of my favorite core moves that hopefully you will enjoy and not dread. You will need a strap and two blocks. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to get moving? This flow will get the blood pumping and stretch you out in a short amount of time to get you centered and ready for whatever you have after your practice. Have your props handy and enjoy your journey.

Do you find sitting to meditate for longer than a few minutes challenging due to tightness in your hips and low back? In this flow, you will be able to release those tight areas and more to allow you to sit longer for your meditation practice. After the flow, be prepared to sit for at least 5 minutes of a guided meditation or longer if you would like. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to bring some energy to your day? Whether it is a morning practice or an afternoon reboot, this sequence will leave you feeling energized and ready to move on with the rest of your day. There are plenty of options for ALL levels or if you are feeling you need to rest your wrist, elbow or shoulder. You can do all the vinyasa and arm balances or you can restore as you step up and back with your breath and work on flexibility rather than strength. Be mindful to choose what will feel best in your body and not just to your ego. Enjoy your energizing journey!

Want a good warm-up for your upper body to practice handstands? For an upper-body workout? A break at your desk? This video has some great ways to ease tension, warm-up the wrists, shoulders, and upper back. Plus an added bonus at the end. Enjoy your journey!

Open up and feel good with this practice to free up space in the back body; spine, neck, shoulders, glutes, so that you will feel more open in your front body; chest, core, and hips. Get into all the little tight spaces with this 35-minute flow to leave you feeling ready for your day. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to try something different from Audrey's Yoga? This is my first of many slower classes with longer holds. If you have never participated in a Yin class, be prepared to be challenged in a different way physically but also mentally with the longer holds. You will definitely want your props; blanket, bolster, blocks, and strap so that you can be well supported to allow yourself to stay in the pose. Be mindful that if anytime you feel sharp pains, that is not good and you should adjust so that sensation is not occurring. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to get sweaty? In this practice, we will get moving, use repetitive motions with large muscle groups to get our heart pumping and blood flowing allowing the sweat to flow. This is a great practice for all levels. If you are newer to the practice, be mindful and rest when you need as you build up your stamina and strength. Enjoy your journey!

Want to do something great for your bones today? Then this is the sequence for you. We will work on making our bones stronger through holding poses a tad longer than normal. If you already are dealing with bone loss, keep your movements more moderate, especially when it comes to moving the spine in twists and forward folds. Have a wall space handy as well as your blocks and get ready to make your bones stronger!

Need a quick pick me up? Feeling lethargic? Been sitting too long? Then this is just the video for you! Get yourself moving, feeling more centered and build in this fun standing flow.

Find length in your side waist and openness in your hips with this vinyasa flow. Have your blocks handy if your hamstrings are tight to allow you to fully move into the postures to feel the freedom of this practice. Enjoy your journey!

This practice is designed with beginners in mind, but all levels of practice will enjoy this flow for a good all-around stretch. If you are looking to build a daily practice, this is a solid flow to come back to each day in order to build foundations and comfort levels as your home practice grows. Enjoy your journey!

If you feel the need to give your shoulders a break in your yoga practice, this is just the class for you. Still get a great all-around practice, but allow your shoulders to rest as you get your heat up as you flow through this fun sequence. Enjoy the rest and your journey.

This is my go-to sequence when my back and hips are feeling tight. It brings into play all the feel-good moves to wake up the body in just the right way. Get out of bed feeling stretched from head to toe. Wake-up, move and get on with your day in a positive way!

Need to unwind and clear your head before going to sleep? This is the practice for you! Slow down your breath and movements so that your thoughts to become less distracting allowing you to drift off to sleep more quickly.

Join me today for some core work. Find strength and power in your whole core; abdominals, obliques, glutes, low back muscles, and hip flexors as you move through yoga-inspired moves on your mat. Modifications are given in order to find the best place to work for you.

Have you ever noticed you feel a little "off" around the full moon? Maybe a little scatterbrained, clumsy, or just not 100% you? The moon is a magical element in our lives and affects us in various ways throughout its cycle around the earth. Not to worry, you are not alone in these feelings and you can help feel a bit more grounded and connected to the present moment with this 35-minute flow. Take time to slow things down and connect with your surroundings and you restore your body and mind. Enjoy the journey!

This is one of my favorite practices when my lower back is bothering me. It hits all the right places starting with gentle warm-ups on the ground, adding in some core strengthening and deep hip flexor stretches to have you feeling relief in your lower back with regular practice.

This is one of my favorite sequences to practice as well as teach in classes. It hits all the "feel good" areas, is challenging as well as foundational so that truly anyone can do this class and feel good at the end. Remember to work with your body and breath to push your edges without going too far. Enjoy your journey!

A loose and flexible side waist, hips and shoulders are essential for a smooth golf swing. This sequence gets into all those places and more to allow for your body to become more open and flexible. Who knows a weekly practice with this sequence, your golf game might become more enjoyable. Enjoy your journey!

Been sitting too long or need a brain break to energize yourself for the rest of your day? Get into your hips, out of your head, and on with your day feeling more positive.

Relieve stress and tension in your shoulders and hip in this 40-minute practice. This is a great yoga practice after a long day of sitting and working at a desk or computer. Get to your mat for a few minutes today and let the tense areas have an opportunity to release, relax, and have you feeling better for being on your mat. Enjoy the journey.

Ever feel like you need to practice yoga without standing? Then this is the perfect practice for you today. Enjoy this sequence and step off your mat knowing you were able to get in some practice today. Feel energized and refreshed for your practice tomorrow here on Audrey's Yoga. Enjoy your journey.

Do you have an arm injury in the wrist, elbow, or shoulder that is keeping you from your mat? Then this is just the practice for you! An arm injury should not keep you from your yoga practice. This all-level flow gets the heart pumping while building strength and flexibility.

Do you want to increase your flexibility in your hips and hamstrings? This is the practice for you! This practice has only 3 poses that if practiced each day, more flexibility would come more quickly. Be mindful to stay within your limits and let your breath be your guide to take you deeper each time you practice. As you practice with this video more, you will be able to go move into the pose that works for you best each day and stay longer. Enjoy your journey.

This yoga practice is designed to stretch and strengthen the areas of the low back. It is especially beneficial for those that have low back issues when done weekly to help with mobility and to ease the pain.

This 30 minute all level practice will target the hips, hamstrings, and quads for stretching and strengthening. If you are a runner or cyclist, this practice is perfect for you. Both activities shorten and tighten the muscles in hips and legs and this practice will help counterbalance that tightness and create more length and flexibility. Revisit this practice weekly and see improvements in your running and cycling performance.

After a long day, or days, of travel by car, train, or plane, we could all use a practice that restores us, especially our legs and feet. Join me today as we take time and revive our bodies and get back into our current time zone with this all-level practice.


Join me in this opening and strengthening hip practice that is perfect for all levels and just what is needed any time of the day when your hips feel stiff.