A knowledgeable and skilled teacher who leads her classes in an encouraging and enthusiastic manner. Her sequences are safe, fluent, and varied but also offer differentiated levels of difficulty. “I leave class feeling like I had a good physical workout, yet I am emotionally at peace.”

Lisa C. - Canada

The best part of Audrey’s class is the way she describes the poses and describes the way your muscles should feel when you are in the poses.

Cristiana J. - United States

Authenticity and her passion for yoga shine through Audrey during her teaching. Her ability to connect is apparent as she is engaging and approachable and although she favours a “hands-off” method of teaching, her attention is and remains focused on every member of the class. Corrections to posture are voiced in a general fashion without the focus on any one individual. This approach prompted one member of the class to say that Audrey is a kind and thoughtful teacher.

Her clear, confident, and direct voice echoes out perfect and concise instruction which aids class members in moving easily from one posture to the next with an understanding and knowledge about body alignment and capability.

She inspires confidence and a sense of safety in her classes. She is generous with her knowledge of yoga and offers many workshops to promote safe practice by ensuring members understand correct postures. When you attend Audrey’s class you know that her teaching truly is about the passing on of knowledge, about the practice of yoga with all its many benefits, and not about a teacher who is there for her own needs. You leave her class refreshed informed - oh and with a smile of peace and serenity upon your face.

Isobel V. - England

Audrey is a highly professional yoga teacher, with a great sense of humor who injects playfulness into her classes. She is an experienced and very capable instructor, who shows compassion and understanding to her students. Audrey is able to guide students into and through poses at the level and intensity of individual needs, encouraging students to challenge without pushing. Audrey is mindful of safety and the appropriate amount of care that needs to be applied in class, recommending students to leave their egos at the door.

Joyce P.- Australia

Audrey has an elegant and clear way of delivering a yoga class, offering options for beginners as well as for those more experienced in the practice. Audrey breaks down what can appear to be a challenging practice or pose into something manageable and exciting for anyone who aspires to learn yoga.

Nathalie B. - Jordan

Audrey was the one who introduced me to yoga and I spent 3 years taking classes from her - I grew in my love for yoga and in my ability. She is very knowledgeable in yoga and in the human body as shown in her explanations of moves, modifications, and support. Her classes were good for all ability levels and she challenged each one of us according to our flexibility, strength, and comfort. Audrey has a very gentle and positive personality which makes her approachable when you have questions about a move or concerns about injuries. For every person in the class, whether we did yoga every day of the week or just once when we had time, her classes were always enjoyable and we came away feeling better than when we started class. 

Amy S. - United States

Audrey desires to impact all her yoga students by instilling in them an awareness of the mind and body. Quite often I would come to class disconnected, and after a yoga session feeling much more in tune with the relationships between me and the world around me.  Audrey’s classes were always varied and she maintained a safety-first philosophy. She provided yoga instruction for a variety of levels, each one designed to be challenging and connecting. When called upon, Audrey felt quite comfortable advising about lifestyle and health choices, as well as discussing physical limitations and how they may be overcome within the classroom setting.

Tifani S. - United States

I have great respect for Audrey because she practises what she preaches. She lives and breaths yoga and follows a lifestyle that incorporates the key components of yoga. She practices every day.

Audrey treats her class with respect.  Audrey is a calm, gentle, careful instructor who explains each pose, slowly shows the pose, then takes the class through the pose with great care all the while making certain everyone is following at their ability level. Every class, Audrey would remind us that we do the pose according to what our body was able, and only stretching and reaching when and if it felt right.  Yet we always felt challenged.  Audrey also knows how to correct a student graciously. She's always positive and helpful with the class members. There was also a variety of practices, and always time in the end for the rest period.

Rosa H - Canada

One of the many qualities that bring me back to Audrey’s classes year after year is that she continues her own study of yoga, broadening her knowledge, refining and diversifying the content, with explorations into restorative and yin, breathwork, and meditation, complementing her Hatha expertise, and her easy and open way of relating to participants at all levels.

Eric M. - USA

I’ve been practicing yoga with Audrey for about five years. She helped me most in experimenting and finding the version that best suits my own needs.
Honestly, I appreciate the human being in her. I feel that she is genuinely interested in helping others.

Mohannad L. - Lebanon 

I was overweight. In the past, I would have started my day at 5:00 A.M. with a Spinning class. After which I would go swimming. I would then go to two other classes of boot camp, Pilates, weight lifting, HIIT, or BFJ to control my, then, was ever-increasing weight. All of which was increasing my already high Cortisol level. It is only when I had learned to both start and end my day with yoga, did I succeed in losing and keeping the weight off. Mrs. Audrey Paar was there for me accepting me in class, without asking me the usual “derogatory “ question, as others often did: “Have you ever done yoga before?” due to my being overweight. She is a down to earth person, who had encouraged, and is still encouraging me, to keep on going on my journey of self-improvement.

Amira R. - Saudi Arabia