Intermediate Videos

These videos will be at a quicker pace and will include challenging transitions between poses, frequent vinyasas between sides (vinyasa are always optional in your practice), and fun variations on the foundational poses from the beginner level. Designed for those with a solid understanding of the foundations of poses and transitions.

Due to the volume and variety of videos on my website and to save you time scrolling in order to get you on your mat more quickly, I have linked my YouTube channel in this space for easier browsing. Please click on the link below to access it.

Intermediate Practice Playlist


Ready to get your heart pumping and work on handstands? This flow will use the wall as our main prop as we go through a flow working on standing balances into handstand and back to standing balances. We will end on the floor still using the wall for a hip stretch and twist and choice of relaxation posture to have you feeling refreshed after getting your sweat on. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to unwind from your day and prepare to relax? This sequence will help you do just that by building some heat, moving the body in all directions to help release any built-up tension in the muscles, and ends with full relaxation in Savasana. Let go, release, and relax as you enjoy your journey!

You work hard and play hard in your body and you want a yoga sequence that can help you recover and feel strong and more flexible when you have finished. Then this is the sequence for you! 90 second timed holds to make your muscles strong and flexible. Enjoy your journey!

Challenge yourself and your balance in this fun balancing flow. Have your blocks and strap ready as well as a sense of humor while you practice finding and keeping your balance today. Enjoy your wobbly journey!