Intermediate Videos

These videos will be at a quicker pace and will include challenging transitions between poses, frequent vinyasas between sides (vinyasa are always optional in your practice), and fun variations on the foundational poses from the beginner level. Designed for those with a solid understanding of the foundations of poses and transitions.

Ready for some spine therapy that will leave you feeling good? In this unique flow, you will move your spine in all directions, create space in your side waste, and work up a sweat as we progressively work deeper in the twists. Be ready to be challenged and have your blocks and strap handy if your hamstrings are tight today. Enjoy the flow!

Feeling the need for a few challenges in your yoga practice today that will leave you feeling very satisfied? This intermediate sequence will give you that feeling as you move through a challenging standing sequence leading into a couple arm balances bringing you into a slow cool down with options for your final savasana. Come along with me and enjoy this satisfying yoga journey!

Ready to unwind from your day and prepare to relax? This sequence will help you do just that by building some heat, moving the body in all directions to help release any built-up tension in the muscles and ends with full relaxation in Savasana. Let go, release, and relax as you enjoy your journey!

Are you ready to start your day with more energy or increase your energy levels to continue on with your day? If the answer is yes, press play! This practice is designed for the morning but can be practiced at any time of the day when you feel you need a confidence boost. Enjoy your journey!

Do you like heart openers and backbends? Do you wish you could do them all in one flow? You are in luck, this flow is just for you. Explore a few of my favorites in this yoga practice. Use your breath and have your props handy to make this sequence work for you. Enjoy your journey!

Looking for a short and effective practice to open your hips and hamstrings? Well, look no further, this video has just what you need. We will warm-up by moving through a quick-paced strong standing sequence, leading into deeper twists and lunges, and a couple of arm balance options for fun before savasana to have you feeling open and energized. Enjoy your journey!

Do you take time to notice the space and breath between each pose in your practice? Today use this yoga practice to become more aware of those transitions that happen during your practice. Allow this practice to help you become more mindful as you transition from your mat into the various activities of your day ahead. Enjoy your mindful journey.

Need to take some time for yourself to breathe deep and relax? Then this is just the practice for you. Get all your props handy; blocks, bolsters, blankets, pillows, whatever you need to help yourself feel supported in order to stay for up to 3 minutes in poses. Enjoy your deep breaths on this journey!

You work hard and play hard in your body and you want a yoga sequence that can help you recover and feel strong and more flexible when you have finished. Then this is the sequence for you! 90 second timed holds to make your muscles strong and flexible. Enjoy your journey!

Challenge yourself and your balance in this fun balancing flow. Have your blocks and strap ready as well as a sense of humor while you practice finding and keeping your balance today. Enjoy your wobbly journey!


Get into your spine in this practice and find more length and openness as you twist deeper with each round of breath. This practice will leave you feeling more open and maybe even a little taller! Enjoy this journey into deeper twists!

This yoga practice will get you going if you are feeling a little sluggish during your day. Hitting all the feel good places with just the right amount of heat to help you re-energize and keep moving through your day.

This 30 minute practice can be any time of the day that you feel you need to calm your nervous system, but it is best done at the end of a long hectic day. Be mindful to breathe deeply and allow yourself to be in the present moment with each pose as it happens. Settle in and enjoy your practice.

Wake up and get going with is quick moving sequence geared towards those with an established yoga practice. All the right places will be stretched to make you feel good and start your day off with a positive vibe.