These videos will focus on one aspect of the yoga practice; alignment and safety in a pose, fun facts, ways to enhance your practice or specific how-to videos. Designed for all levels who are looking to explore different areas of their practice.

Looking to progress mindfully for your body from baby cobra to upward-facing dog during your vinyasa yoga practice? Look no further, this video will break down the progression from locust to baby cobra, to cobra, and finally to an upward-facing dog. I will give instructions for you to be able to move mindfully in your body to find which version of this heart opener is for you at this point in your practice. I will also give you strength tips to use in your practice in order to move towards a deeper variation if you so choose for your practice. Please leave me comments if you have questions. Enjoy your journey!

Do you want to learn a great way to calm and clear the mind? In this video learn a special breathing technique called Nadi Shodhana or otherwise known as Alternate Nostril Breath. In Sanskrit, Nadi means "channel" or "flow" while Shodhana means "purification" so by doing this specific type of breathing it allows for the clearing and balancing of the body and mind. This breathing practice is perfect in the evening or a few minutes during the day when you need to clear your head to think more clearly. Enjoy your breathing journey.

Working on finding balance and some hang time in your bakasana or crane pose? This video will go step by step with progressions to allow you to work at your level to find that balance on your hands and then progress from there to more advanced versions of the pose. Don't forget to warm up your wrists and enjoy your journey!

Are you struggling to step your foot up to the top of your mat from Downward Facing Dog? Then this video is perfect for you. I will give you a few different variations as well as some key principles to follow when you are stepping forward. Follow along, pause, and practice to find out which one is best for your practice now. Have your blocks handy as well will be using them for a could of the variations. Let me know how it goes for you or if you have any questions. Enjoy your journey!

Looking to find better alignment in your downward facing dog pose for your body? Then this is just the video for you. Watch, follow along and repeat until you feel more comfortable in this pose for you. Enjoy your journey!

Feel like you want to understand some of the more frequently used standing poses in yoga classes? Then this is the video for you so that you can better understand the alignment of the pose for your body. Watch and follow along on your mat with mindfulness for these three hip opening standing poses; Virabhdrasana 2 (Warrior 2), Uttita Trikonasana (Triangle), and Uttita Parsvakonasana (Side Angle Pose). Enjoy your journey!

Looking to understand how your feet and legs should be in standing poses that have the hips pointing to the top of your mat like Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana 1)? This video will help you with that pose along with two others; high lunge and parsvottanasana. Play with different foot placements to find what feels best in your body. After the alignment section, we will put these together in a flow to practice more. Enjoy your journey! *I apologize that I call parsvottanasana by the wrong name, prasarita in the video, twice. I blame the yoga brain!

Want to start a meditation practice? Ever wonder how to use mala beads for meditation? This video is just for you. Have your mala beads ready, find a comfortable seat and enjoy the video.

Feel like you are always falling out of balancing poses? Following along with me in this video to get some solid tips and practice on how to manage to keep your balance longer. You'll be surprised that it is as simple as breathing.


Watch this video to learn my favorite way to roll up my mat. You will keep the ends from curling as well as keeping the side you practice on free from dirt. Enjoy!


Learn how to make sitting on the floor for meditation or during your yoga practice more comfortable for you.


I love using props!  Learn to love using props in your yoga practice to allow more freedom within your postures.


Learn how to make Savasana even more comfortable at the end of your practice. I will lead you through a guided relaxation that will leave you feeling so calm and refreshed you will be coming back again and again. Enjoy!

Time to practice OM! During a public class, it can be intimidating to start or end a class with OM when you have not practiced. This video and the privacy of your own home will help you find your voice for an OM sound that feels perfect for you.