Beginner Videos

These videos will be paced slower and emphasize the foundational poses of yoga. The slower pace will help to create consistency and build the breath, body, and mind connection. All levels of practitioners are encouraged to incorporate these foundational videos into their home practice. Designed with those with limited or no yoga experience to begin a home practice safely.

Are you a beginner at yoga feeling confident in the foundational poses and ready to challenge yourself in your practice today? In this video, the holds will be shorter as you challenge yourself to notice how your body moves and adjusts from one pose to the next. Using your breath and being mindful of your movements through these transitions will help improve your practice. You might even start to notice how you move through transitions in your daily life as you begin to take your practice off your mat. Enjoy your mindful journey!<

If you work hard in your body, day in and day out, then this yoga flow is perfect for you to recover from all that you put your body through as an athlete. Each pose will be held for a timed 60 seconds to help with balance, endurance, strength, and flexibility followed by a well-deserved savasana. Enjoy!

Working on balance in your yoga practice? Then this video is just for you. A lot of times the reason balancing poses are challenging is because of fast movements rather than slower ones made with the breath. This practice will help you notice when that happens and how to regain your center. Enjoy your journey.

This practice is designed with beginners in mind, but all levels of practice will enjoy this flow for a good all-around stretch. If you are looking to build a daily practice, this is a solid flow to come back to each day in order to build foundations and comfort levels as your home practice grows. Enjoy your journey!

Are you ready for 60 minutes? YES, you are! Take what you have been practicing in shorter practices and apply it today. Come out on the other side feeling accomplished and wonderful inside and out, mentally and physically. Enjoy this part of your journey.

This practice will give your body just what it needs with a full body beginner flow filled with the "best" poses.

Hip, Hip Hooray for hips! I get a lot of requests for hip opening practices, but sometimes what is needed is more strengthing of the areas around the hips to allow for more opening. This practice combines the two; creating heat through strength-building poses and then moving into longer holds to gain flexibility and more openness in the hips. Enjoy your journey towards stronger legs and more open hips!

Feel like you need a boost of energy to get on with your day? Feeling like your moving in slow motion? Then this is the practice for you today. A beginner practice focusing on getting your energy up as you get your blood flowing. Take a break for yourself now to give you more energy and focus later in the day.

This short practice will help calm the senses from a hectic day to help you center yourself to either move on with your day or prepare for what the day brings.

Get up and get going! This beginner morning practice will hit all the right areas to help wake you up and start your day in a positive way.