Beginner Videos

These videos will be paced slower and emphasize the foundational poses of yoga. The slower pace will help to create consistency and build the breath, body, and mind connection. All levels of practitioners are encouraged to incorporate these foundational videos into their home practice. Designed with those with limited or no yoga experience to begin a home practice safely.

Due to the volume and variety of videos on my website and to save you time scrolling in order to get you on your mat more quickly, I have linked my YouTube channel in this space for easier browsing. Please click on the link below to access it.

True Beginner Practices Playlist

Developing Beginner Practices Playlist

Beginner Practices Playlist

Ready to stretch out those hips and hamstrings? This targeted flow for the lower body will have your legs and hips feeling wonderful without getting up off the floor. If you know you are tighter in the hamstrings be sure to have a blanket or small pillow to put under your hips to allow for more access to the forward folds. The flow will end with legs up the wall, so be sure to have a wall space accessible or props to help you get your legs in the air. Enjoy your flow and guest appearance by Leroy.