Did Someone Say Headstands?

Headstand, Paris

You may have noticed that my favorite pose is headstand. Actually, I kind of have an obsession with it, but there could be worse things to obsess over. I love the feeling I get from going upside down and getting a different perspective of my current view. There were a lot of literal ups and downs along the path to my relationship with headstands. Once I understood the mechanics of this wonderful pose, I made sure to practice it everyday. As I gained confidence in balance, I wanted to do headstands everywhere, especially in beautiful, nature settings. While on vacation I love to take a photo in headstand to add to my collection of places I’ve visited. Some places are flat and straight forward, which makes my husband happy to take the photo. Other places aren’t flat, or near a cliff, or in the middle of a crowd. This makes my husband less than happy to take the photo. In the end, he aquesses so that the memory is captured and more importantly, I am happy. I am so grateful to now have this platform to share my headstand memories.

I would love to see photos of you in your favorite pose and maybe even share them with our yoga community. Please send me a message and with a photo and explanation of what makes this pose and photo special for you. Share your journey!