Newest Videos

In this section, the newest videos will be posted and left here for easy access for up to a month. After that time frame, the videos will be replaced with newer releases. If you want to find your favorite videos faster, go to my YouTube channel and search by title. Better yet, subscribe and mark your favorites. Enjoy your journey!

June was a busy month of creating and taping new practices all thanks to the local shutdowns during the Pandemic. I'm SO grateful for that time and it is looking that July might bring the same. Stay Safe and Be Well!

Ever wondered what it would be like to combine 3 different types of yoga in one practice? Here is your chance to experience a fusion of Yin, Flow, and Restorative yoga all in 60 minutes. We will start with a short centering meditation as we connect with our body and mind. Keeping that attention to the body we will move into a few Yin poses to get into the connective tissues of the body. Mindfully we will transition to a full body, feel-good flow. The practice will end with the use of props to allow yourself to feel fully supported and allow sensationlessness to take over in the body to allow for it to restore. You are in control of your journey, use as many props as you like, pause when you need more time, come out of any pose that does not feel right to you today. Enjoy your fusion flow!

Feeling tight in the neck and shoulders? In this focused flow, we will target those areas with specific stretching and strengthening movements to allow for more mobility and ease.

Are you ready to take your forearm balance to the next level? Be sure to warm-up first so that you don't injure your shoulders and then get ready to feel your body into this fun arm balance. Remember it is a practice and the success you have or don't have is just part of the journey. Having access to a chair, wall space, and a block or cushion is helpful for your practice. Enjoy the fun journey!

Ready to take your practice to another level? In this sequence, the support of the chair helps you find not only more ease but also more openness as we flow. Be prepared to be challenged and find new edges and playful ways to get into some traditional poses. Gather your props to allow your body to feel the support it needs during the practice; a sturdy chair, a non-slip surface, blocks, straps, pillows, blankets, and maybe even wall space. Stay mindful in your practice and do what your body is ready for, take breaks when needed, and allow the chair to support your practice. Enjoy your full-body chair flow!

Interested in how a chair can help you find deeper heart openers? Join me in this heart-opening flow and get into your front body with the use of a chair. We will start off with similar warm-ups to previous videos to build heat and openness in the hips and side waist, next we move into opening the hip flexors and quads, then we find variations of Vasisthasana (side plank) and Dhanurasana (bow pose) on the chair to find a deeper opening in our front body and finish with well-deserved hip openers and twists before a very supported Savasana, where you can stay as long as you would like. Gather your props; a sturdy chair, blankets or pillows, a strap or towel, yoga blocks, and anything else you need to make this practice feel good in your body. Enjoy your heart-opening journey!

Feeling like you need to slow down and dive deeper into your practice? This practice will help you do just that as you sit and explore the sensations in your lower body during this flow done in yin style. Expect to hold 4 linked poses, each for 3 minutes before switching to the second side and ending with a relaxing savasana. Have your props handy to allow you to adjust the pose in order to find the right sensations in your body. Enjoy your Yin Flow!

Ready to explore your yoga practice with a chair? We will use the chair to find support and deeper stretches in this full-body flow. Some of these stretches you might even like so much they become part of your daily break from the computer. Be sure to gather your props before you start; a sturdy chair with no arms, a non-slip surface, blocks, pillows, blanket, and whatever else you think you might need today to help you feel your best in each pose. Enjoy your short chair flow!