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In this section, the newest videos will be posted and left here for easy access for up to a month. After that time frame, the videos will be replaced with newer releases. If you want to find your favorite videos faster, go to my YouTube channel and search by title. Better yet, subscribe and mark your favorites. 

October has flown by as my days are filled with lots of online teaching: Health and PE to middle school students, developing new sequences for new videos, taking workshops and seminars with my meditation teacher, Cyndi Lee, and making improvements to my website to allow for easy class payments as well as subscribing to be part of this online yoga community. 

I made the decision in July to begin recording the live classes I was doing in my home and those practices are in my library below for you to enjoy.  Be well, be kind, and stay sane by doing yoga!


Live-Stream Classes Playlist


Welcome to the Spine and Joint Mobility and Strength Series. In this 7 part series, we will use movement to increase mobility and strength in the Spine: Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar as well as the major joints of the body: Wrists, Shoulders, Hips, Knees, and Ankles. This series was inspired by an Instagram Challenge I did in August of 2020. I love anatomy and I wanted to bring more of it into these short, anatomy targeted videos to you! In this video, we will target the Cervical Spine in the neck. We will incorporate movements that will strengthen as well as increase mobility in this area. These movements can be done anywhere and anytime, not need to be on your yoga mat or dressed for activity or props. Enjoy the neck flow!

Ready to add something new into your practice? L-shape handstand is a great place to start working on core and shoulder strength. This short flow will target the core and leg engagement and give you lots of options for practicing the shape of a handstand without even needing to actually stand on your hands. Grab your props: mat, blocks, wall space and enjoy the fun flow!

Looking for a good stretching routine to do after you are done with a long cardio workout or just a good stretch for the legs? This quick flow will get into all the right places and have you feeling even better afterwards. Have a wall or chair handy and let's get to stretching! Enjoy the stretch!

Ready for something a little different, at least from me? This video will target large muscle groups to aid in gaining flexibility in the muscles as well as the joints as we work our way from head to toe. The holds will be 8-10 breaths but still active and not passive like a yin class. Have your props ready for when you need them. Enjoy your flexibility practice!

Ready to spend some time reflecting today and let go of what is no longer serving you in a positive way? I came across this mediation a couple of years back and I love returning to it each month to let go of what is holding me back so that I may move forward. If you would like to see the full meditation please go to I hope you find this meditation as useful as I do each month. The lunar cycles act like a spiritual tool to boost your abilities to release the old in order to make space for the new in your life. Props: a place to sit, pen and paper, and an open mind. Enjoy your guided meditation.