Newest Videos

In this section, the latest and greatest videos from the month will be posted. Enjoy!

Ready for something new from Audrey's Yoga? I've been inspired to help those that cannot move easily up and down from the floor to enjoy the benefits of yoga with the assistance of a chair. I have been studying and practicing with some inspiring instructors online (Matt Phippen and @accessibleyoga) to come up with this sequence today as well as the series to come. Enjoy your journey!

Do you want to increase the mobility of your hips, spine, and shoulders? This video sequence will allow you to do just that while sitting in your chair. Remember to use your breath and be mindful of your movements so that you do not go too deep too fast and hinder your efforts. This is a sequence that you can come back and practice two to three times a week in order to increase your strength and mobility. Enjoy your journey!

Are you like me and have a love/dread relationship with any core work? You know it is good for your overall health and you love the improvements in your yoga practice from a strong core but knowing the soreness of doing the exercises fills you with dread. I have compiled a few of my favorite core moves that hopefully you will enjoy and not dread. You will need a strap and two blocks. Enjoy your journey!

Ready to get moving? This flow will get the blood pumping and stretch you out in a short amount of time to get you centered and ready for whatever you have after your practice. Have your props handy and enjoy your journey.

Do you find sitting to meditate for longer than a few minutes challenging due to tightness in your hips and low back? In this flow, you will be able to release those tight areas and more to allow you to sit longer for your meditation practice. After the flow, be prepared to sit for at least 5 minutes of a guided meditation or longer if you would like. Enjoy your journey!