Newest Videos

In this section, the newest videos from the month will be posted and left for up to a month. After that time frame, the videos will be moved into the category they fit best on the website. If you want to find videos faster, go to my YouTube channel and search by title. Better yet, subscribe and mark your favorites. Enjoy your journey!

Has it been a long day of standing, sitting, or moving that has created extra tightness in your hips and low back? This sequence will target those tight areas and more as you stay close to the floor to unwind from the long day you just experienced. A strap is encouraged to have but not necessary. Enjoy!

Ready to work on deeper flexibility moves for your upper body in your yoga practice? This sequence will help you as an athlete or highly active person that uses the upper body on a daily basis. You will get moving with Sun Salutations, move through a strong standing and balancing sequence before hitting the floor for some essential flexibility and inversion work before a well deserved Savasana. Enjoy the practice!

Looking for some different variations for Sun Salutations that keep you from going all the way to the floor each time? Maybe you are healing from an injury in the shoulder, elbow or wrist? In this video, you will be able to practice two different variations for sun salutations that will help you get warmed up for your practice ahead. Enjoy your varied flow!

Learn more about a common type of breath used in Vinyasa Flow classes called Ujjayi Pranayama. This breath creates a sound and creates heat in the body. Go slow and as you become more comfortable with this type of breath try to build the inhales and exhales to a count of 5 or even 6 while practicing. Enjoy the breathing!

Ready to advance your practice by progressing from hopping forward to jumping or maybe even floating to the top of your mat with practice? Then this is just the video for you.