Newest Videos

The newest videos will be posted in this section and left here for easy access for up to a month. After that time frame, the videos will be replaced with newer releases. If you want to find your favorite videos faster, go to my YouTube channel and search by title. Better yet, subscribe and mark your favorites. 

The months have gone by quickly as my days were filled with lots of work online: teaching Health and PE to middle school students, leading yoga classes on Zoom, including a new class of Chair Flow, and developing new sequences for new videos for the website. I also had the opportunity to complete my 300-hour advanced teacher training online with my yoga teacher, Jason Crandell. My head is swimming with lots of great ideas to implement into classes after I have time to practice and digest it all for myself. Stay tuned for different mini-series workshops to come.

I decided in July 2020 to begin recording the live classes I was doing in my home and those practices in my library below for you to enjoy.  Be well, be kind, and stay sane by doing more yoga!


Live-Stream Classes Playlist


Feeling the need to find more length in your hamstrings today? In this short flow we will target the back body to allow for more length in the hamstrings. We will start from standing and there will be options to use a chair or blocks as we warm-up the body and go deeper into the back of the legs. Props: Mat, chair, blocks, strap. Enjoy your hamstring flow.

Ready to start your day off with some movement or take a movement break after a long day? Throughout the flow, there will be examples of how to incorporate a chair as a prop to allow you to make this practice best suit your body's needs today. The flow will start with a standing centering before we begin to move with the breath with variations of Sun Salutations. We will continue to flow through various standing poses that provide the body opportunities to lengthen and strengthen to help prepare for the day ahead and end with a seated centering. Enjoy your practice!

Feeling a little unbalanced? Want to work on your standing balance and strengthen your body? In this short flow, we will start with standing balances that are not just static but dynamic in nature to really test and improve your balance with daily or weekly practice. The use of props, like a chair, wall, or blocks can really assist your progression in balances. Get ready to move and feel more confident as your balance improves. Enjoy your balance flow!

Ready to spend some time reflecting today and let go of what is no longer serving you in a positive way? I came across this mediation a couple of years back and I love returning to it each month to let go of what is holding me back so that I may move forward. If you would like to see the full meditation please go to I hope you find this meditation as useful as I do each month. The lunar cycles act like a spiritual tool to boost yabilityties to release the tor to make space for the new in your life. Props: a place to sit, pen and paper, and an open mind. Enjoy your guided meditation.