To Practice or Not to Practice (While on Vacation),That is the Question

Recently, my husband asked why I don’t practice yoga while on vacation as much as I used to in previous years. This got me to thinking about how early in my yoga journey, I would try to practice every day, especially on vacations. I would seek out different studios, practice in my room, the balcony, or even on the beach. He was right.  Recently I have practiced less while on vacations. Probably not something a yoga instructor should admit out loud, but it's true.

One perk of international school teaching- the holidays! We get special vacation days for national days, religious holidays as well as all the regular school holidays like Christmas and summer break.This allows for the opportunity to travel and explore more of the world we live in.  Sometimes, after a few months of teaching PE in a hot climate, I want a break from everything. I want a break from my physical routine to truly recharge.  This allows me to experience new ways of being active.  Hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, or walking until the day’s end to take in all the beautiful sights that travel has to offer.  We find a stunning place to sit to admire our surroundings.  Maybe I will stretch or enjoy a pose or two to capture the moment.  Practicing yoga in a more subtle way rather than with asana only.

For me vacations are a time to savour time with your travel companion, to go to bed late after enjoying a delicious meal, rising when you want to continue the adventure. Such an open-ended schedule leaves less time for searching out studios or carving out time to practice. I understand that even 10-20 minutes a day would be just as good as an hour, but on vacation even that amount of time seems daunting to me.

During the summer vacation, I love taking classes at my favorite local studios, and usually go everyday.  In the summer I stay longer in one place and have the time to find a class I really enjoy. I believe this helps me keep sane while visiting family for a month straight, if you know what I mean.

Bottom line, if you have time and like to practice on vacation, then YES, keep practicing. If you prefer to mix things up and practice differently, don't beat yourself up if you take week or two off from your asana practice. Find the beauty and serenity of your practice in your travels and enjoy each minute as you would on your mat.  This will help you bring that joy into your daily life. Enjoy your journey.