Resiliency at its Best

The past 8 months have been hard on everyone due to the global pandemic, myself included. I am a person that thrives on routine and plans. I struggle with abrupt changes or uncertainty about the near future. I was surprised that I was able to cope with the news that my husband and I could not leave Saudi Arabia this past summer to see friends and family. 


So, what was my coping mechanism? I dove headstrong into creating routines to enhance body and mind. I signed up for online yoga teacher training seminars, I explored new vegetarian recipes, I learned to make a mean sourdough, improved my golf game, and enhanced my own yoga and meditation practice. 


I learned quite a few things about myself over the course of quarantine, I will leave the strange and inappropriate things for a future blog… (te, he) I found that I could keep myself busy in 24-hour lockdowns. I could make myself study and keep up with online classes. I could allow myself to just sit and veg out for hours at a time and not feel guilty but actually feel good! I truly enjoyed teaching online yoga classes and retreats. 


The biggest takeaway from that time was not about making discoveries about myself but about the yoga community I am part of. I am inspired by how resilient we are and how we find ways to continually show up to our mats each week. It was very fulfilling to see everyone on screen, eager to practice, ready to try something new, and persevere through unsettling times. I truly believe that it was this community that helped me the most over the past few months. I am ever so grateful to be part of it and to have you all in my life.