Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome! I’m so grateful you have decided to join me on this journey.

Starting this part of my yoga journey is a bit intimidating.  I have never considered myself a profound writer, or even considered that others would be interested in my thoughts, but I will try my best to not make English teachers cringe as I bring you my thoughts each week on new topics.

As with any new endeavor there are bound to be trials and tribulations. This will definitely apply to me as I strive to improve my blogs and videos, just as it will apply to you and your practice.

As we travel on this journey together and build this community, we will have opportunities to make connections and learn from each other by commenting, questioning, and continuing to tune in.

Through my knowledge and ability, I promise to bring you a yoga experience that will allow the best of you to shine; on and off your mat. Enjoy your journey.