The Choice to React or Respond

It’s been a long time since my last blog, I am happy to be back. 

Beginner Freedom


I continue to struggle with being a beginner at anything. That funny feeling you get inside when you are not able to grasp a concept, a skill, or movement quick enough...ever been there before? Or how about getting overwhelmed by how much you don’t know how to do yet?

Yoga Class Fads: Good Intentions or Distractions?

You recently may have seen a news story, an ad, or Facebook post regarding some type of new yoga popping up around the country. Beer or wine yoga, anyone? Maybe yoga with goats or cats in the room? Or a yoga class music themed to one artist or generation? It seems that yoga has really hit the mainstream in the past two or three years.  Everyone is trying to ride keeping up with the trend with new gimmicks to attract people.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome! I’m so grateful you have decided to join me on this journey.

Starting this part of my yoga journey is a bit intimidating.  I have never considered myself a profound writer, or even considered that others would be interested in my thoughts, but I will try my best to not make English teachers cringe as I bring you my thoughts each week on new topics.