Beginner Freedom


I continue to struggle with being a beginner at anything. That funny feeling you get inside when you are not able to grasp a concept, a skill, or movement quick enough...ever been there before? Or how about getting overwhelmed by how much you don’t know how to do yet?

I can feel my ego push at my insecurities making me feel embarrassed that I don't already know “this” yet. As a middle school teacher and yoga instructor, I rationally understand that everyone is a beginner at some point, even me, but it’s hard to let go of that feeling. The ego takes over my rational mind.

In launching my website, all those insecurities come rushing back.  I feel like I might not ever get the hang of writing my thoughts fluently or quickly editing my videos. I usually have to pause and remind myself of all the times I was a beginner. Softball, cooking (oh the learning curve there!)...teaching middle schoolers, and learning to teach yoga classes. One of my more memorable yoga instructors used to always remind the class to enjoy being a beginner. To enjoy the thrill of holding warrior 2 while shaking uncontrollably or not being able to lift up into an arm balance, because eventually as the practice grows, we will no longer be beginners. Our practice will advance and what was once new will become familiar and the cycle will start over with a new skill or pose.

Try to enjoy being a beginner... appreciate that journey. Enjoy the excitement of learning something new, as much as it scares you and brings out your insecurities. It is healthy for our bodies and brains to keep learning new things. Embrace the newness as much as the awkwardness. Let each beginner moment keep you coming back to learn more. As you embrace the learning on your mat it will help you embrace learning in other areas of your life.

What I love most about yoga is that as the practice grows there will always be ‘beginner’ moments as you learn new poses or transitions. There will be ups and downs with each new movement, but learn to embrace being a beginner again and enjoy the moment. I’m excited to be part of that journey.