Attachment, Aversion, and Fear (of Death)

Change is inevitable, yet we all resist it at some point, especially if it is forced upon us without choice. This blog post was going to be on ‘Finding Balance’, but there were too many “signs” coming to me that it should be on the Kleshas and how they are present in times of big life changes. The first sign was when I read an email from one of my teachers, Alexandria Crow, on the Kleshas and how the mini-lesson resonated with me.

Morning! One of the Best Times to Practice Yoga


Since you are still reading you must be interested in starting a morning practice, that's the first step - interest.   Now’s my chance to convince you to start and stick to a morning yoga practice. The morning has always been my preferred time of practice for many of years with the Ashtanga tradition and I love it. I find it to be the most peaceful time of day for my practice.

Beginner Freedom


I continue to struggle with being a beginner at anything. That funny feeling you get inside when you are not able to grasp a concept, a skill, or movement quick enough...ever been there before? Or how about getting overwhelmed by how much you don’t know how to do yet?

Yoga as an Active Recovery Workout?

Recently there has been a noticeable rise in the fitness world of people doing cross training. Doing cross training activities like high intensity cardio intervals, strength training with various weights for specific repetitions or time, along with increased repetitions with body weight exercises all in the name of becoming “more fit”.

What “Should” I Feel While Practicing Yoga?

I get this question a lot in workshops or after yoga classes and I guess it makes sense.When you are new to the practice it natural to want to know if you are “doing it right” and feeling it in the right places.  I find it hard to give an exact answer, as each person brings such diverse body experiences to their mat in a yoga class. Yoga is different from lifting weights where you mostly target one specific muscle with each exercise.

Yoga Class Fads: Good Intentions or Distractions?

You recently may have seen a news story, an ad, or Facebook post regarding some type of new yoga popping up around the country. Beer or wine yoga, anyone? Maybe yoga with goats or cats in the room? Or a yoga class music themed to one artist or generation? It seems that yoga has really hit the mainstream in the past two or three years.  Everyone is trying to ride keeping up with the trend with new gimmicks to attract people.

How to Start a Daily Home Practice

The idea of starting a home practice is liberating, but in reality for most, it rarely becomes a reality. Meaningful intentions with less than desired outcomes. Here are three steps to get you headed in the right direction to begin your at home yoga journey.