Yoga Class Fads: Good Intentions or Distractions?

You recently may have seen a news story, an ad, or Facebook post regarding some type of new yoga popping up around the country. Beer or wine yoga, anyone? Maybe yoga with goats or cats in the room? Or a yoga class music themed to one artist or generation? It seems that yoga has really hit the mainstream in the past two or three years.  Everyone is trying to ride keeping up with the trend with new gimmicks to attract people.

I love wine and the idea of wine after a yoga class with a few friends is very appealing to me.   Although I have been known to do a headstand or two after a couple of glasses of wine on vacations, I am not sure I could drink wine while I practice. I get the premise, to be mindful of how much you drink and have the glass last you the entire hour of practice. I have not fully bought in yet. Maybe I need to experience a class for myself before I make any final decisions.

Now goat yoga just blows my mind. Cat yoga I understand and appreciate how calming they can be. I have three and two of them join me during my practice all the time.I am not sure I want a goat on my mat or leaving little pellets nearby as I practice. I guess if it gets people that normally would not try yoga or are new to it out and onto their mats then it could be good to have goats around while practicing.

I have been to music-themed classes and loved them, as long as I enjoyed the music. One of my favorites was an evening class set to Madonna music. The room was packed, the music was loud, and the sequence was perfectly planned for the songs chosen. While practicing, I could feel the energy around me from all the other practitioners, and I even heard singing! It was such a memorable experience that I would love to repeat.

It’s great to see people enjoying yoga, whatever the style might be. From strict Ashtanga to a quick vinyasa flow to Bon Jovi, whatever gets you to your mat and keeps you coming back makes it a good thing to me. Keep enjoying your journey, even if it takes you off the direct path to try some new adventures.